Volunteer Opportunities

Families are encouraged to volunteer and be a part of the Adkison student learning process. Teachers welcome assistance in the classroom. Please contact your child's teacher to inquire about opportunities they may have for you to provide assistance to their classrooms.

Volunteers must follow district volunteer policy for clearance prior to helping in the classroom. Please use the following link to access the application process.

Volunteer Assistance Program

Current CUSD students are exempt from this process. Volunteers who have completed the clearance process in prior years need to verify each year that their clearance is still valid prior to volunteering in the classroom.

Parent Teacher Club (PTC): 

Our PTC is a very supportive organization of parents and teachers designed to assist the school in its educational mission. It has several informative sessions each school year, plans special activities for students, and helps to build communication between the school and home. 

All sessions are open to interested parents and community members. The sessions are set-up so you may commit to a specific activity. This will leave you free to choose only one or as many activities you wish to help with. Please join!       

School Site Council:

Our School Site Council is made up of parents, students and teachers. The School Site Council is open to all family members, students and staff. The Council meets once a month and is responsible for overseeing the school improvement process. Please contact the principal if you'd like to become involved.

    English Learner Advisory Council (ELAC):

    The English Learner Advisory Committee meets throughout the year to communicate and learn about the needs of English Learners. All families and staff are welcome to participate in the meetings. Our goal is to help every student achieve proficiency in the English language, and we appreciate the guidance and input of our students' families.